The Board of Directors has adopted a committee to be referred to as an Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The Committee will review

Architecture Review Applications with the objective of maintaining the natural beauty and environment of the condominium community, as well as, to protect property values through the control of the design of alterations, modifications, pool and landscape design. Further, it is to assure that all owners adhere to proper community standards and governing condominium documents.  At the present time this Committee is comprised of members of the Board.

The Board has also established a Committee who will oversee home painting requests and approvals. A pdf filliable application is available for your use.
   Architecture Review Application – Paint

Board Liaison:  Vacant

Committee Members

Name Email
Chris Piwowarek
Bob McKane

Owners should refer to the Rules and Standards page for complete information regarding the CLCA Architecture Standards, the Architecture Review Application, Home Painting and the submission and review process. In considering any request, the Committee will evaluate the request following the information contained therein.The Board of Directors after receiving recommendations from the Committee shall have the authority to grant variances from any requirements set forth in these architectural standards on a case-by-case basis. The granting of any such variance is not deemed a precedent and will not impair or otherwise affect the right of the Board of Directors to continue to require strict compliance with the condominium governing documents and this document in the future, to disapprove any future requests of the same or a similar variance, or otherwise.  ALL EXTERNAL MODIFICATIONS REQUIRE APPROVAL PRIOR TO COMMENCEMENT OF ANY WORK

The Board of Directors retains the right, in its sole discretion, to disapprove any item that an owner may have self-determined was acceptable, and require its removal.  AUTHORITY – References to the appropriate sections of  Declaration of Condominium (OR 3093 3733)