This committee is NO LONGER ACTIVE.  Was responsible for  oversight of contractor operation and maintenance of the Irrigation and Drainage systems in our community.


The irrigation system in Courtside Landings is quite complicated. This page documents the details of the system.

The Infrastructure Committee oversees the operation of the irrigation system, and works with the Landscape Maintenance Company to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

Irrigation system maintenance requests can be made by contacting the Property Manager. Do not call the Landscape Maintenance Company directly.


 Homes and Common Areas

 Fitness Center

East Lake

 Pipes and Shutoffs

There are 4 lakes in Courtside Landings:

  • NORTH LAKE – north side of property behind 17905-17917 and to the east of the tennis courts
  • CENTRAL LAKE – behind inner circle homes
  • WEST LAKE – west side of property (front entrance) behind 17701-17725
  • EAST LAKE – east side of property behind 17845-17869

Our lakes receive all of the storm water from Courtside Landings, and are also a major receptacle of drainage from surrounding communities. A majority of the stormwater from
Commodore Club drains into the North Lake, and the East Lake. A large flow of storm water from the communities on the south-side of Islamorada Drive drains into the East Lake. All storm water eventually flows to the West Lake and out the single overflow away from the community.

There is a retention pond at the end of Charlee Road; a berm separates the pond from Courtside Landings.   The pond overflow passes beneath the berm and into Courtside Landings behind 17827. An enormous amount of water flows through a wide and deep swale from 17827 toward 17791 where a berm diverts most of this flow into the
state preserve.


– Drainage systems should be reviewed annually.

– Residents are reminded to keep the swales unobstructed, and storm drains clear of debris!

– There is evidence of poor drainage between many homes and those with no gutters are most vulnerable.

– It is very important to keep the surface drains and the drainage swale unobstructed.

 Stormwater Drainage Map