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Courtside Landings Home Owners Meeting

April 18, 2019 10:30 AM

On Thursday, April 18, a Community Meeting was held on the Patio of Linkside Café and the golf course. A summary of what was discussed is below

  • New Management, Compass Rose Management, Cape Coral was introduced to those present.  Tosh Tricas, Compass Rose owner and our transition manager, started with a short presentation and then answered questions from our owners.   The response was very positive.   Suitor Middleton Cox, resigned on April 10, with the resignation effective May 30th.
  • A smooth transition is planned starting June 1, 2019.  New payment information will be mailed to ALL homeowners along with a request for their most current mailing, e-mail, phone information.  Please make sure that you look for “snail” mail from Compass Rose Management and return the requested information as soon as possible.
  • Pickleball update – Blaise LaVorgna, Vice President of CLS and Mark Boyle chairman of the Fitness Center Committee were present with an update on the negotiations to abate the noise coming from the pickleball courts.  Blaise made a short presentation explaining the progress made and Mark answered questions from the owners.
  • Both CLS and the Fitness center have been able to amicably come together and make positive progress in how to abate the current pickleball noise issues and establish an ongoing cooperative working relationship.  We are NOT changing our documents nor our rules.   We are NOT relinquishing our right to an ARC review from the Fitness Center.  A Settlement Agreement is currently under review by CSL’s attorney and once it is completed it will be forwarded to Section 22’s attorney for review.   This agreement will not require a vote of the community.  Once the agreement is completed, I will post it on the website.

I sincerely hope that this legal Settlement Agreement will quiet the noise both at the courts and alleviate the concerns of our residents.   The aggressive and combative positions that have been taken by a few in our community have increased our legal fees and may actually damage our reputation in Burnt Store Marina.  That alone will lower property values and discourage buyers. 

Our entire Board of Directors is working very hard to make Courtside Landings Association a cohesive, enjoyable and thriving community where people are happy to purchase and to live.

Please have a safe and healthy summer.  We will get together in the fall.

Warm Regards,  Barb Wells, President