Rules & Standards

Courtside Landings Condominium Association Rules and Regulations provide all residents with appropriate guidelines to ensure that the community is a safe and enjoyable environment.  The purpose of the Architectural Standards is to promote the aesthetic harmony and continuing attractiveness of Courtside Landings Condominium Association, to facilitate the beneficial operation of the residential areas, and to protect your investment in the community.
Upon purchasing a home in the community, the realtor is required to supply the prospective owner a copy of the Governing Documents.  The prospective buyer is required to read the documents and sign a form acknowledging that they understand and will abide by the restrictions of living in the community.

Courtside Landings Rules and Regulations

icon Rules and Regulations  Rules and Regulations have been a part of our community since its inception and are found in the Declaration of Condominium for Courtside Landings, hereafter referred to as DOC. The Board of Directors have identified pertinent information located throughout the DOC and for ease of reference have consolidated it into this document. Footnotes are to External References or applicable sections of the DOC.

This document is divided into sections:

– Section 1 – Occupancy and Use Restrictions

– Section 2 – Rules and Regulations

– Section 3 – Architecture Standards

The Unit Owners shall, at all times, obey said rules and regulations and shall use their best efforts to see that they are faithfully observed by their families, guests, invitees, servants, lessees and persons over whom they exercise control and supervision.

In the event of a violation by the Unit Owner of any of the provisions of the Declaration of Condominium, the Association may notify the Unit Owner. Five (5) days from the date of the notice the Association shall have the right to treat such violation as intentional and inexcusable and the Association may take legal action and assess fines. Additional information is in DOC Compliance and Default.

Resolution of Conflicting Rules
In the event of any conflict between the rules and regulations adopted or from time to time amended and the Condominium documents of the Condominium Act, the latter shall prevail. If any unresolved conflict should exist or hereafter arise with respect to the interpretation of these Bylaws and the Declaration of Condominium, the provisions of said Declaration of Condominium shall prevail.

Courtside Landings Architectural Standards

icon Architecture Standards


The Board has adopted a committee to be referred to as an Architectural Review Committee, hereafter referred to as the ARC, to assure that all Unit Owners adhere to community appearance standards and governing condominium documents. The ARC will review requests for architectural changes, to include home painting, with the objective of maintaining the natural beauty and environment of the condominium community, as well as, to protect property values through the control of the design of alterations, modifications, pool and landscape design.All work requires submission of an Architectural Review Application and work may not be started until such request has been approved. Failure to follow these standards will require remediation or removal at owner expense. Work in progress shall not restrict access to any utilities, water line, water meter, and sprinkler irrigation system.

The Board of Directors has adopted the standards found in the following sections:

– Section 1 – Home Exterior Standards

– Section 2 – Landscape Standards

– Section 3 – Hurricane Shutters

– Section 4 – Energy Device Rules and Regulations

The Association shall assume neither responsibility nor liability of any type resulting from any Unit Owner structural alteration and/or modifications. The reimbursement for any charges incurred when the Association must make repairs or remove Unit Owner installed items may be assessed to and collected from the responsible Unit Owner.

The ARC approval process is easy and approval is normally quick:

– Complete the ARC Request Review Application – attach supporting detail

– Send to the address on the form

– Management Company files a copy and forwards to the ARC Committee

– ARC Committee processes the request

– Form will be returned to you as proof of compliance

icon Architecture Review Application
icon Architecture Review Form – Paint