Governing Documents

Library of documents governing Courtside Landings Condominium Association.
  • Every homeowner should have a copy of these documents which should have been provided at closing along with a disclosure letter which is to be signed regarding payment of applicable assessments.
  • If you don’t not have a copy of these documents you can print them from here or request a copy from our Property Manager.
  • These documents ride with, and should be kept with the property deed.
  • Realtors must always apprise their clients of all restrictive deeds and assessment requirements.
  • Please note that the seller of a home in Courtside Landings is legally required to give these documents to the prospective buyer upon signing a sales and purchase agreement.
  • Please note that these documents may not be substituted for a resale disclosure package./
  • All communities in Burnt Store Marina are additionally subject to:

icon Amended Restated Bylaws Section22 (012612)

Date: 24 Mar 1999
Doc#: OR 3093-3373 – recorded Lee County FL
Document creating Courtside Landings Condominium project.
  • Boundaries of each unit or lot and definition of common areas.
  • Responsibilities and processes required of each owner regarding financial matters such as fee collection and spending, mortgage lending, and insurance.
  • Contains protocol for property usage, building rules and regulations, and communication and resolution of problems and disputes.

icon Declaration of Condo Indexed Searchable

Date: 12 Oct 1999
Doc#: OR 3177-2077 – recorded Lee County FL

Declares Courtside Landings homes to be part of Burnt Store Marina (PGI Section 22) and subject to fees and regulations thereof.

Date: 23 Sep 1999
Doc#: OR 3170-2965 – recorded Lee County FL

Supplement to above Declaration of Condominium

Date: 15 Nov 1999
Doc#: OR 3188-1004 – recorded Lee County FL

Corrective amendment to Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions.


Filed after Section 720.301(10) Florida Statutes was amended to provide that “any person or entity obligated by the governing documents to pay assessments” to a Homeowners Association shall be considered a “member” and shall have voting rights.

Date: 21 Dec 2000
Doc#: OR 3342-0474 – recorded Lee County FL

Supplement to above Declaration of Condominium

Date: 02 Jan 2001

Doc#: OR 3345-0027 – recorded Lee County FL

Date: 29 Mar 2001
Doc#: OR 3385-1982 – recorded Lee County FL

Amendments to above Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, including units in Phase II of construction.

Date: 23 Aug 2002
Doc#: OR 3712-3061 – recorded Lee County FL

Substantial rewording of Bylaws.

Date: 02 Dec 2002
Doc#: OR 3788-0830 – recorded Lee County FL

Easement to Courtside Landings for ingress and egress over roads in Burnt Store Marina.